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Presently an exhibition curated by Feargal O’Malley has just recently finished its run. I was one of eighteen artists selected for the show and was delighted to be consider a part of such a dynamic and interesting collection of artists.

Presently showcases new work from eighteen emerging contemporary artists, currently working in Northern Ireland. Exhibited work ranges from sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and film to installation and multidisciplinary work. Presently is accompanied by a new limited edition broadsheet style publication which includes an introductory essay by Ciara Hickey.

I produced a new piece of work for the exhibition, continuing my investigation into the arena of extreme male bodybuilding and specifically the visual representations of the male form found in Muscle and Fitness magazines (circa 1980 to 1989). The piece, An object of desire (no homo) is a large scale photographic installation, suspended from the celling and spot lit from two directions.

Thanks to all involved and Andrew Rankin for his installation images.









Tomorrow night sees the opening of the annual Catalyst Arts members show, this year entitled, experiMENTAL. It just so happens that this year I have an added interest, as I am myself a member and have a piece of work in the show.

Although the title of this years members show –and Davy Mahon’s fantastic photomontage– suggests that the work on display will have invoked a new direction for all those involved. I am curious to see if this will actually be the case.

For my own work I feel I am always experimenting –insert get out clause here- with various elements of photography and process, but I genuinely feel that the ‘experimental’ element of my work on show tomorrow is in the display. I’ll not go into any details about it here as I hope people will come along to the opening tomorrow (and I’ll be posting pictures over the next few days anyway).

Experimental, experiMENTAL or just mental i’m interested to see the current crop of Catalyst’s members showcase their work. Nortiously difficult to curate, members shows often offer a varied and vast amount of work, so no doubt opinions will be divided, I guess it’s about expectation and I expect to see the good, the bad and the mental. In any case isn’t that the point of all this art malarky anyway.

Show opens at 7pm at Catalyst tomorrow Thursday 22nd September.

Just a quick note to mention the upcoming exhibition of Adam Patterson’s Men and My Daddy commissioned by Brown and Bri and opening at Belfast Exposed next week (29th Sept 2011).

I’ve briefly been involved with some of the post production of this project and having seen most of the work, my hat goes of to Adam once again. I’ve lived in Northern Ireland all my life and it is engrained in me not to venture into some of the areas in which Adam embedded himself.

The political situation in Belfast has been we documented not only via photography but every medium imaginable (Check out Ursula Burkes ceramics if you haven’t seen them) but Adam has managed to readdress issues of old and combine them within a contemporary environment. The ‘new’ Northern Ireland, which -I believe- is looking forward but certainly maintains one foot in the past, is captured here excellently.

So come along in you are in Belfast next week.