In May last year, as part of a short term residency, The Household Belfast curators invited five artists  to create a large scale ‘Exquisite Corpse’ in an empty shop. For my section of the corpse, I spent two days with my father constructing two wooden frames used to house two large-scale reproductions of family photographs



On Thursday 16th January as part of the PS² rehearsal room project I will resurrect this project and in doing so resurrect a production partnership with my father. I will be spending two days constructing a new photographic installation which has been developed through a series of conversations and experiments with my father. One of my aims is to encourage my father to examine contemporary sculpture and architecture beyond its functional capabilities, in an attempt to develop his understanding of my artistic practice.

Although, by its very nature, this piece is a continual ‘work in progress’ I hope to raise some questions relating to the validity of this partnership as a method of contemporary art production.


I’ll be in PS² on Saturday 18th from 12pm to 2pm if you wish to view the final works and discuss the project with me.