Tomorrow morning I set of on an assisting job to Mexico with Stuart Whipps, which will involve my longest ever journey. Two 7 hour flights, two 1 hour flights and a 2 hour drive, each way! So safe to say I am as excited as I am trepidatious, not to mention the endless ways to die in Mexico. “Bitten by a small creature, eaten by a big creature, kidnapped, caught up in a gang related shooting, car-jacked or natural disaster”. That said I am looking forward to it all much more than I am worried about dying.

We are heading into Xilitla, a Rain Forrest area in South Mexico, to Las Pozas a surrealist sculpture part built by Edward James, an eccentric british millionaire who spent some time smoking opium with Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. It is this park that Stuart is interested in and having seen some photographs and heard some stories about James I can see why.

I’m planing to update the blog as often as I can as I’d like to document this trip for posterity but I’ll leave you with a still from Nicole Scherzinger’s music video shot at Las Pozas. Hasta la Juego!