I’ve been away doing some work with Stuart Whipps for his upcoming show at the Ikon gallery (more details to follow) and it’s given me a chance to do two things. 1) Reflect on the Wrestling project and start to make some decisions where it is going. and 2) Scan some transparencies. Not having access to decent scanning equipment is the biggest pain about shooting film. Imacon scanners are like hens teeth in N.Ireland so getting to use Mr Whipps’ was a treat.

I’ve been beavering away since getting back and thought i’d share a couple of images on here as I’m putting a small edit together for a crit and meeting with some curators.

Each wrestling event I go to poses a new set of issues, from technical issues (shocking low light conditions) to just generally being a nuisance and annoying the wrestlers when they are trying to get in their zone. However I think I managed to pull out some interesting portraiture and some detail shots which speak a little about the independent wrestling scene.