A new issue of Source is just about to hit the selves of all stockist worth their salt. There are loads of reasons to pick up a copy of the Autumn issue, but of particular interest to me in the new Self published photo books review by Daniel Jewsbury.

To my knowledge this is the first time a major photography magazine has entered into the minefield that is photography self publishing. Due to the shear amount of self published books being shot off the printing press at the moment, filtering through the chaff is no easy task. On initial inspection the review section has thrown up some gems including Mishka Henner’s widely discussed, No Mans Land and the Beautifully made The Altogether, Chris Coekin’s tribute to  the workers of a recently decommissioned wire factory in Cheshire.

Certainly looks like a particularly interesting issue, which I am off to spend the day reading.

I also just want to flag up the Source Blog which has seen some new found activity, much more regular updates are planned so keep a eye on it for your online contemporary photography fix..