Just a quick note to mention the upcoming exhibition of Adam Patterson’s Men and My Daddy commissioned by Brown and Bri and opening at Belfast Exposed next week (29th Sept 2011).

I’ve briefly been involved with some of the post production of this project and having seen most of the work, my hat goes of to Adam once again. I’ve lived in Northern Ireland all my life and it is engrained in me not to venture into some of the areas in which Adam embedded himself.

The political situation in Belfast has been we documented not only via photography but every medium imaginable (Check out Ursula Burkes ceramics if you haven’t seen them) but Adam has managed to readdress issues of old and combine them within a contemporary environment. The ‘new’ Northern Ireland, which -I believe- is looking forward but certainly maintains one foot in the past, is captured here excellently.

So come along in you are in Belfast next week.