Northern Irish Photographer Adam Patterson is showing his piece Another Lost Child at the Photofusion Gallery next month and I urge those based in London to pop in and check it out. I met Adam not long after returning to Belfast late last year and was impressed, not only with the work he had produced but also his insatiable work ethic. Over the last few years Adam has found himself in situations which many would prefer to avoid. From Vancover’s Insite, a place for intravenous drug users to legally inject themselves with ilegal substances in a sterile environment, to the intimate spaces within South London’s squatting community, Adam is opening the doors to these unseen, forgotten and often ignored areas of community.

Another Lost Child is no different. The work is the culmination of an extensive project in which Adam spent months working alongside gang members in a number of South London Council estates known for gun and knife crime.

“In 2008, photographer Adam Patterson began a new project documenting gangland culture in South London. His aim was to convey some of the reality behind the menacing, macho picture of gangs showcased in the media, and in order to do this he spent over a year with gang members, capturing the vulnerability and humanity that the general public rarely see. As Fiona Hamilton reported in The Times in March 2010, “His work offers insight into the daily grind for gang members, or simply errant youths, living on council estates dotted around South London.””

The work then developed further as Adam built up a close relationship with one gang members -Jean Claude- who was keen to remove himself from the gangland culture he had been born into. The resulting images are an intimitit and intuitive portrayal of how one mans decisions can lead to a more prosperous life. Heaped in metephor, Another Lost Child not only offers the viewer a glimpse inside an unfamilar world, it offers ideologies of hope, love and inspiration.

The opening night is 3rd Febuary at Photofusion Gallery Brixton, London… GO!