Make it new John is a film about world (in)famous DeLorean sports car – the DMC12 – and its creator John DeLorean. Like many people my age the first experience of this car is in the Back to the Future films of the 80’s, only to discover -in my teens- that it was manufactured in our very own wee country. I can confidently make the assumption that the DeLorean DMC12 holds a little place in the hearts and minds of most Northern Irish people and therefore trust that nostalgia will play it’s part in the success of the exhibition in Belfast Exposed. With that said, knowing a little about the background of John Delorean and Duncan Campbell, I can foresee much more than a simple piece of nostalgic Cinéma vérité to tug on the heart strings of the general public.

It's easier than scanning

I suppose there are a number of other things I could delve into at this juncture such as the success of DeLorean automotive only being surpassed by it’s monumental failure or the metaphoric link between the ideologies this story suggests and the insular nature (in my opinion) that many people from N.Ireland possess, however this sentence is far too long already and I feel we should all experience the film before passing judgement. Make it new John opens with an artist talk on Thursday 21st Jan 2011 at 6pm at Belfast Exposed.. Come and see.