A good friend and mentor Liam Campbell is exhibiting Allotments this week in Belfast Ulster Hall. Liam has been working on this piece for quite some time and I am really please to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

“Liam is interested in how people use their space. Spaces, such as allotments, seem to reflect the personality of the people who have made them their own. Furthermore, Liam has come to see the many sheds and small structures which populate inner city allotments as a form of creative and improvised Land art that takes place at the fringes of the urban.

There are a number of ecological discussions which can be drawn from Allotments, particularly within the current financial climate and the rise in popularity of self sustainable life styles. The Ulster Hall recognised this connetion and have decided to hold a talk coinciding with the exhibition to discuss green urban spaces.

Allotments is an insightful and extremely well researched piece of work and I urge you all to come along and experience it for yourself on Wednesday 12th December at 7pm for the opening night in the Ulster hall.