I stumbled across this project on Facebook last week and was really impressed with the concept and ambition of it. The premise is simple: To create then trade photographic cards, but I’ll let Jamie Webb the founder of Photo Trading Cards explain it a little better.

“An idea stemmed from a childhood love of collecting, along with my passion for making and sharing photography.

The aim is to gather a huge collective of photo takers to participate in the making and trading of small (2.5 x 3.5 inch) cards which contain photographic images.

within this group i host a monthly postal swap.

I encourage all to take part as i’m a true believer that photos are made to be viewed, and not just hidden away on a hard drive. This project allows swappers to share small visual doses of the world with one another, As you will see in the groups photo album, the extremely dynamic range of subjects captured by previous swappers.”

Personally in a time when we are bombarded with imagery online there is something nostalgic and agreeable about receiving a tagible photograph. How rare it is for people to even print a copy of there treasured holiday snaps, these days. Couple that premise with an interest in vernacular photography and I think Jamie is on to a winner here.

Please join up to the facebook page and get swapping!!