Just a quick note to point out an exhibition that opens next week in Manchester. Debbie Yates and ex class mate of mine from Blackpool is part of a group show at the Nexus Art Cafe entitled Flesh and Blood. The exhibition is an exploration into family life, family culture  and how these things have been visually approched by new and upcoming photo artists.

The work on show from Debbie is her piece, Pictures of My Father, which is an intimate portaly into a family relationship that most can relate to on some level. Pictures of my Father is more than just a photo study on an anonymous father, it is a beautifully constructed body of work that questions the Father daughter bond and suggests to all of us to reconsider our sometime fleeting relationships with out parents.

Inter-spliced with text, this work allows us a glimps into the photographers life, however there is a strong metephore here. Photography can be used to create and strengthen bonds but it can also be used to remind to act. Our parents will not be around for ever and making the most of our time together is something that Pictures of My Father subtlly nods at.

Catch Debbie’s work amongst others at the opening night, 11th November 7pm