So I am continuing with my Northern Ireland Wrestling project and I recently attended an event hosted buy Brian Moore of  Bangor Championship Wrestling (BCW). Brian was kind enough to allow for some back “stage” access which is excatly what I needed.

As with many of these events, budgets are tight and they are often found in community halls, leisure complex’s and the like. This event was no different which took place within a local community centre. What was interesting for me was that the changing area (where I was located) had some interesting painted murals on ever wall. Initially I begain trying to seek out somewhere neutral to keep the focus on the wrestlers, however the more I thought about it I realised that the enviroment is extremly important to this project. Although my key interest is in the indiviuals that part take in the form of sports entertainment, the amature nature of it is key.

Anyway I’ll not jabber on too much as I am working out this project as I go along so I’ll just stick a couple of the images up and see if anyone has some constructive feed back! There are hands in these ones and everything.!

Never the less, again I was blown away by these wrestlers every one as friendly as the next and watching them throw themselves around -and out of – the ring is a sight to behold.