So I have been working on a project recently and it’s something I have been planning to do ever since I heard about these guys. Pro Wrestling has lots of instant connotations which usually begin with really large men in very tight clothing jumping around a ring in the “good aul U S of A.

The men and women I have been photographing however are not multi millionaire sports entertainers, they are local people competing together for the love of an incredibly physically demanding sport/form of entertainment. (I’ll not get into the whole is it a real sport thing because after spending some time with these people, anyone who suggest they are not athletes needs to reasses what they class as an athlete.

So above is a sneek peek at one of the portraits. My jury is out on how happy I am with the images I’ve made so far… but I have a few more things planned and we’ll see where it goes.

I’ll be trying to be more regular with my updates as well as and although I am busy, the blog is a usful outlet for my brain!