Some time a go I was introduced to a new photography website Photography and Mash. The website is run by Alex O’Byrne and Brendan Olley, initially their focus was clear, to create a web space environment that promoted emerging photographers, encouraged debate and offered advice on all things photographic.

Over the last year or so I have watch the membership grow and the reality of their initial plan emerge. The web space continues to increase in numbers as Alex and Brendan push more inovative ways to explore the internet as a place to view and discuss photography.

Now, Alex and Brendan have pushed Photography and Mash to the next level. They have taken the web space and turned it into a physical space. I was excited to receive an email from Alex outlining the acquisition of a new P&M photo studio/gallery in Shorditch -London. Rather than waffle any further let me direct you to what Alex has to say about it all..

This website has become a part of the lives of Brendan and I, a labour of faith and experimentation. However, during the past 9 months, we’ve both neglec…….

So my hat goes off to these two and I wish them all the sucess in the world based on their commitment and speed at which p&m has grown, I have no doubt that the gallery will be a massive sucess.

Good luck guys.