With all that has been going on recently I totally forgot to write up anything about my recent two man show exhibition in Blackpool. There is no Blood was a collaborative show with fellow Chemical Tea Room member and good friend Graham Hallam. The show was brought together by curator and director of the Supercolider, Tom Ireland, Blackpool. Supercolider is an independently run space offering emerging local artists the opportunity to showcase some work. Tom spotted our work in an open submissions week at the Grundy gallery -Blackpool- and asked us if we would like to put on a show, we happily agreed.

We decided on 6 pieces each from our current work “Our aim is to survive” and “Heel” I have discussed in length my work on this blog previously so I will not go through it all again. Heel however is an examination into the relationship between humans and animals, in particular the varying relationships we have with dogs. I’ll let Graham’s artist statement say the rest….

“Heel is a developed study of the relationship between canine and humans. It examines how this complex relationship allows for perfect training and breeding. These images explore the partnerships between a set of Hound Trailers and Gun Dogs handlers.”

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The exhibition culminated in the opening night and as is usually the way with these things, very little happens after that. However the experience of getting the work printed, mounted and laminated -in a matter of days by the way- and the initial build up was all invaluable experience. We managed to secure a few contacts and everybody who came enjoyed the work and enjoyed the night so you can’t ask for much more really.

Next step, hopefully a collaborative Chemical Tea Room exhibition in Preston.