So I briefly mentioned that I was short listed for an open submissions publication opportunity for Source Photographic review. Well, I was delighted to find out a few days ago that Our Aim is To survive has been selected for the July issue.

It really is a strange feeling as after the interview in Bradford -with one of my photography idols, John Duncan- I was certain it wasn’t going to happen. The interview was the most critical review the work and I have ever encountered. I came away from it feeling negative and disheartened. It was the first time anyone had ever said anything bad about the work, I had received nothing but good complements up until that point. I suppose what I am trying to say is that it’s really easy to get carried away with what your peers and lectures say about work we are making. What we all need to do as creatives is continually challenge ourselves and remember that it’s one thing getting good grades but it’s a whole other ball game getting on in the “real” world, in whatever capacity that may be.

Anyway I just want to take this opportunity to thank some people for all there advice, listening to me moan and groan and for just generally being amazing people. I am blessed to have such great people around me. So in no particular order.

Sarah Eyre
Mishka Henner
Stuart Whipps
Rob Rusling
Victoria Haydn
Graham Hallam