I have been meaning for a while to introduce readers to this blog to the work of Victoria Jenkins. I came across her work on Photography and Mash and was instantly captivated by it.  Of particular interest is her series Images from the Institute of Esoteric Research. This work has seen some acknowledgment recently on seesaw magazine and a few other publication. I found these peculiar still life images fascinating. There is an air of science meets art and I was instantly questioning what on earth was going on. Are these genuine experiments, is it nonsense…what is it? Obviously a little research and you can find some of those answers, but personally the beauty of this work is the fact that we are denied any specific answers.

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I recently contacted Victoria and asked if she would be interested in contributing to this blog in the form of answering a few questions. So this will hopefully be the first of many recent graduate posts exploring like after graduating from a photography degree.

Here is Victoria’s response and make sure to check out her work. It’s fantastic.

·      Where did you study?
The University of Brighton, BA Editorial Photography (They have now dropped Editorial from the course title)

·      Where are you from?
The middle of the midlands! Hinckley in Leicestershire.

·       Where do you live now?

I’m with my parents back in Hinckley but currently house hunting with the plan to move to London in May.

·      Do you class your work within a genre, if so which?

Fine Art Still Life i guess but the work is informed by documentary and typologies

·      What topics do you approached through your work and why?

I’m interested in knowledge and understanding so my work reflects on archives and collections, scientific photography, mysticism, truths and the use of images in all this.

·      Have you seen any “success” since graduating, if so what do you attribute that to? Entering competitions? Finding representation? Etc.

I’ve been pleased with where my work has gone, i sold my degree show work, I’ve had work published in magazines both in the UK and internationally, been taken on by edition websites and hopefully is being exhibited soon. I think there is an element of finding where your work sits and focusing on that, some of my friends have found work through approaching newspapers whilst that wouldn’t really work with my photographs!

·    How have you found continuing to produce work since leaving the university scene?

If I’m honest really hard. Everything slows down and money tightens up, also finding good feedback is difficult. keep in touch and support your peers! Currently i have gone back to basics using medium rather than large format, having a ‘studio’ on a table in the utility room, processing a couple of rolls a month.

·      What advice would offer recent graduates?

Again support your peers! Keep in touch with each other, discuss ideas even if that can only be done via e-mail/telephone. Also the biggest fear in making new work has been worrying about what facilitys i no longer had but this doesn’t help, it’s better to strip things down to the core of your practice and start from there.

·      What do you see in the future for you and photography?

It’s kind of funny, i looked at my degree as a means to an end, i was planning to take a theory MA after graduating, but depending how things go i may well be keeping up this photo lark!