This is just a very quick post as I have just recently been away assisting an excellent photographer and good friend Stuart Whipps. Stuart has successfully been producing work since his graduation from Wolverhampton College in 2005 when he won the Observer Photography award. Since then he has completed a range of projects across the globe. You can find examples of most of his work on his website and I don’t feel qualified to talk to much about it but certainly check out what he is doing, as I can confirm that he is an inspiring individual who has some interesting views on the ever shifting medium that is photographic art.

Stuarts beautiful camera

Not only was I lucky enough to share in his current working process and his many thoughts on current contemporary photographic art, I also got to participate in a small workshop he was running at a Southend artistic collective called TAP. All the participants in the workshop suffered from some form of learning disability, which made for some interesting back and forth banter between them and Stuart, it was nice to see how he dealt with some difficult questions. There was a total lack of acknowledgment of Stuart’s success in the art world or even his actual existence. These people had no idea who Stuart Whipps was and didn’t really care. I personally think it would be a great activity for all of us to take part in every once in a while. I just feel it is nice to regain your sense of perspective every so often and especially when things in your life are shifting. We can all become consumed in our own respective bubbles and before you know it that bubble will burst and you are left stranded.

Anyway, it really was a great few days for me, at a time in my life when I needed it. So this post is really just to thank Stuart for that. So, thank you.

In return I’ll offer some online promotion of a current show he has on in Wales.

Current Show:

The Scenery is Very Wonderful. The Weather is Good. @ The Oriel Davies Gallery 6 February – 7 April 2010
Stuart Whipps Path 2007

Stuart Whipps Path © 2007

“In this exhibition, Stuart Whipps combines original photographic works with found and re-worked objects, texts and information he has sourced from archives, secondhand book shops and antique fairs. The artist’s intentions are to explore and bring to the foreground questions surrounding the manufacture and myth of ‘natural beauty’ in the landscape, with reference to Snowdonia National Park / Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri and its relationship with Blaenau Ffestiniog.”