Our aim to Survive my project on the Blackpool Pistol and rifle club is almost complete. I have made an edit of 15 images but I am planing on around 7-10 more over the next few weeks. I am still in the process of sorting out an defined artists statement for the piece however, I thought enough time has passed and I should get some online at least until my website gets up and running.

Each image is now labeled, interior shots with a simple description to allow the viewer to explore the image and hopefully question what relevance it has to the series. The portraits note the first name, the weapon being used, and the length of time they have been visiting the club. I wanted to mix, emotional attachments and technical information because the two things are core to understanding the project and what I wanted to say. Anyway, I’ll post the artist statement when I finalise it.

Here are some of those images, in the order they would appear in a publication.