After last weeks look at the purpose of creating awareness of a politically and socially volatile subject by using photography, I have decided to look at another way photography can be used to inform and create a different way of thinking. Taryn Simon gives an excellent talk on her work over at (source Edward Hardy)


Her approach to these hidden areas of society is far removed from that of Peter Van Agtmael (for example). As are her processes and –in my opinion- her ability to invoke change. I am not suggesting that work of Simon’s nature will start a “revolution” however her understated images require the viewer so explore. Her work requires an understanding of society, globalization and politics. Simon challenges the viewer to learn and to understand what is happening and why these things are wrong. This attempt to induce questions of our own daily lives and the world outside of our own living rooms is what separates her work from those of horror and gore. It takes no time to understand that a blood cover child being cradled in their mother’s arms is wrong. How can we begin to challenge something if we do not fully understand it?