Sarah Lynch is a fine art photographer who resonates an extremely interesting standpoint. Lynch directly approaches the idea of beauty and in my opinion creates visual elements of what would be described as a normative view of femininity.

Lynch has discussed of her uphill struggle when producing “beautiful” work in her college. She quotes “I didn’t realize beauty was a problem within conceptual photography until I went to college, and tutors would cringe when I told them: I want to make a beautiful photograph”. As far as I am concerned the problem tutors and some canonical art academics is the association with beauty and banality. It seems that the stereotypical adage, that behind a pretty face rarely holds any depth, transfers to photographic study.

Obviously this association of beauty and banality is not the case in either circumstance and certainly not the case with the work produced by Lynch. I find the delicate nature of “Circles” (below) equally parts beautiful, delicate and thought provoking. The nature of a circle supports ideas of continuity and cycle of life, which interesting contrasts with the idea of photographing a leaf. The leaf has been removed from the tree, bound and photographed, its life cycle will soon be over.

I have purposely overlooked a key point here, as beauty is within the eye of the beholder, but in this instance regardless of photographic knowledge or standpoint I find it difficult to understand how anyone cannot find these images beautiful.

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