I just thought I would mention a recent event in my life. Normally I use my other blog for matters such as this but seeing as this particular event is photography related I thought it wouldn’t be inappropriate here. I have become mildly obsessed with the work of Thomas Ruff of late and decided, a few weeks ago, to purchase one of his books (Thomas Ruff 1979 to present). This book is updated every two years and a 2008 addition is on it’s way. Having spotted the 175 pound price tag on the current 2004 addition I decided to check out a second hand 2002. Luckily for me there was a chap in London selling one for a mere 40 pounds.

So I snapped it up placing my order and thinking nothing more about it. A few weeks past and no book had arrived. Worried, I check the amazon website only to realise that I had sent the thing to my next door neighbours house. After a few slaps in the face and a plethora of bad language I called in to see if they had it. Luckily the book was too big for the letterbox and the post man had left a docket, unluckily the lads next door had binned it. A nervous trip to the post office ensued. Passport in hand I walked up to the counter with a sad face to explain the whole thing and after some exchanging on pleas and banter the guy behind the counter trusted his judgment and handed it over.

When I got home I opened the package and removed the book from it’s leather casing and flipped the front cover. Suddenly I spotted something on the first blank page that hadn’t been mentioned by the seller. It was only bloody signed by Thomas Ruff himself. Once I got over the initial excitement I had a quick check on google to see if there were any others on line to give me an idea of value. The only one there was this. Yes that’s does say $3500. Then I noticed that this is also with a signed print which is obviously accounting for the major proportion of the value. However a blank postcard with Ruff’s signature on it is going for 70 pounds in Germany so this book is defiantly worth allot more than what I paid for it.


I am awaiting to hear back from a dealer to find out it’s value. No doubt I’ll not sell it though, I’ll at least wait untill Ruff dies. And to think I nearly lost it because I pressed a 6 instead of a 4.