Before I begin I will apologise for all those waiting on the William Eggleston entry, it is coming I promise. I have just been a little busy with college work and one thing and another.

I had not originally planned to post any of my work on this particular blog as I have a separate one for ranting and general images. However I have found myself in a bit of a creative quandary at the moment and require advice, suggestion and basically somewhere to write down what is in my head before I forget.

We are currently working on an autobiography brief at the moment and I decided, almost within the hour of receiving the brief what I wanted to portray through my images.

I was brought up a Catholic in Northern Ireland and as I am currently 27 years old, I had no idea of what it was like to live in a country that violence wasn’t a part of every day life, up until the age of about 17 when the IRA called an unequivocal restoration of their original “so called” cease fire from 1994. So now living in England, I felt that the relationship I had with the troubles would be a valid basis for the brief. The flip side of this is that I am now an aspiring fashion/ hair and beauty photographer. Therefore my idea was to combine the two and hopefully answer the brief.

Here is my first finished image:

Terrorism chic or banal shit

Terrorism chic or banal shit?

Ok, now I have already had this critiqued, to some extent, some from whom I would describe have valid/informed opinions and other not so much. My lack of confidence about the image is not the issue I have, although it does play a part.

When I sat down, thought this idea through, bought the green lipstick, eyelashes and balaclava I made an assumption of what I was trying saying with it. “This is both where I came from and where I want to go” and I still think that it says that. My problem is that when I looked into the image further I seen something that had happened subconsciously.

I have taken an image of a girl, who I barely know in an attempt to represent me, not only that, I have covered her face with a mask. So if we remove the fancy lighting, lipstick and eyelashes what are we left with? If this image is making a statement about me, surely it is saying more about my insecurities than anything else. It is clearly displaying my lack of confidence to share with the world any real information about myself. The discourse of image that I was attempting to display has no specific information to me.

So what do I do now? Do I continue down this road even though it has displayed itself as almost banal, or do I switch what I am doing to represent my insecurity of publicly sharing information?
I don’t know……